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Heart of Hollywood ® Radio Guest List

Michael Mann, academy award nominee, "The Insider"

Alan Ball, academy award nominee for original screenplay, "American Beauty"

Alan Kaufman, producer of "The Whole Nine Yards"

Jim Taylor & Alexander Payne, academy award nominee for best adapted screenplay, "Election"

Jay Russell, executive producer and director of "My Dog Skip"

Frank Darabont, academy nominee for "The Green Mile"

Jason Clarke, academy nominee for visual effects for "Stuart Little"

Tobey Maguire, "The Cider House Rules" and "Wonder Boys"

John Corigliano, academy award nominee for original score, "The Red Violin"

Diane Warren, academy award nominee for best songwriter for the last three years, academy award winner for "Music of the Heart"

Ron Meyer, COO & President of Universal Studios

Army Archerd, legendary Hollywood columnist

Elizabeth Daly, Dean of the USC School of Cinema/Television

Lawrence Kasden, famed writer and director of feature films

Al Ruddy, producer of "The Godfather"

George Shapiro and Howard West, producers of "Seinfeld" and Jim Carrey's "Man on the Moon"

Jean Firstenberg, chief operating officer and director of the American Film Institute

Hugh Hefner, publisher of "PLAYBOY" magazine

Steve Tisch, producer of "Forrest Gump," etc.

Gary LaMel, president of Warner Brothers Film Music

Gloria Stuart, writer and star of "Titanic"

Garry Marshall, "Happy Days," "Laverne and Shirley," "Pretty Woman" and "Runaway Bride"

Rod Steiger, "On The Waterfront," "The Pawnbroker," etc. 

Robert Wagner and Jill St. John

Jack Kelly, Editor, PEOPLE MAGAZINE

Larry King

Barry Blaustein, "Saturday Night Live" writer, producer/director of "Beyond the Mat"

Paul Sorvino

Bernie Brillstein, partner of BRILLSTEIN GREY

Ernest Borgnine, famed oscar winning actor

Roy E. Disney, Executive Producer of "Fantasia/2000" and Chairman of Walt Disney Pictures Animation

Emily Watson, noted actress and star of "Angela's Ashes"

Frank McCourt, author of "Angela's Ashes," book and motion picture

Richard Gladstein, producer of "The Cider House Rules"

Mary Lou Henner, best selling author and actress famed for "Taxi," "Evening Shade," and co-star of "Man On The Moon"

Rick Yune, star of "Snow Falling On Cedars"

Michael Pressman, producer of "Chicago Hope" and Hallmark Hall of Fame "Christmas Miracle"

Lasse Hallstrom, famed director of "The Cider House Rules"

John Irving, Golden Globe nomination for best screenplay for "The Cider House Rules"

Anthony Minghella, Golden Globe nomination for best director for "The Talented Mr. Ripley" and noted for his brilliance as screenwriter and academy award winning director of "The English Patient"

Ron Shelton, writer and director of "Play it to the Bone" with Woody Harrelson and Antonio Banderas and director of "Bull Durham" and "Tin Cup"

Mark Johnson, producer of "Galaxy Quest" and academy award winner for "Rainman"

Norman Jewison, Academy Award winning director who recently directed "The Hurricane"

Robert Rehme, President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

John Cusack

Neil Patrick Harris

Joe Barbera, famed cartoonist of Hanna Barbera

Alex Ben Block, former editor at The Hollywood Reporter, head of eStar, Inc.

William Daniels, president of SAG

Alan Ladd, Jr., noted Hollywood producer of famed Ladd family

Fiona Shaw, co-star of "The Last September," the elite class of English actors

Dennis Weaver, famed for his roles as Chester in "Gun Smoke" and "McCloud," also starred in "The Duel," Steven Spielberg's first TV movie

Thom Mount, president of the Producer's Guild of America, former president of Universal Studios

Chris Albrecht, president of original programming and motion pictures for HBO

Amy Irving, star of "Bossa Nova" and academy award nominee for "Yentil"

John Frankenheimer, one of the treasured directors of American film

Robert Evans, legendary film producer and studio head, "Chinatown" and "The Godfather"

Virginia Davis, Hollywood's first child star, played "Alice" in Walt Disney's first commercial film

Tom Hansen, top Hollywood entertainment attorney

Ethan Hawke and Michael Almereyda, star and director of "Hamlet"

Hawk Koch, producer of "Frequency" and "Keeping the Faith"

Lisa Krueger, writer and director of "Committed"

Bob Daly, former President of Warner Brothers and is now the CEO of the LA DODGERS

Steve Guttenberg, star of "Cocoon," "Three Men and a Baby, "Diner" and now producing/directing his first feature, "P.S., Your Cat is Dead"

Michael Bell, noted voice-over actor, co-producer, "P.S., Your Cat is Dead"

Pam Marsden and Baker Bloodworth, producers of Walt Disney Pictures' "Dinosaur"

Marth Coolidge, noted film director, "Valley Girl," "Rambling Rose," "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge," "Out to Sea"

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